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Planning for a

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Group Leaders

Planning a group can be daunting. You have a lot of people to please and details to cover. NarroWay is here to help. Our group sales department wants to see you shine. You're the Rock Star in our opinion- (in a good way) - and we are here to make you shine!
World-Class Theatre | Uncompromising Values


As the best theatre company in South Carolina, NarroWay is a place you can count on for excellence. Entertainment should not be embarrassing. You don't want to plan a fun outing to enjoy live theatre only to be suprised with morally questionable content, suggestive choreography and foul language.

At NarroWay, you will...

  • find world-class theatre with uncompromising values,
  • be treated to the finest in southern hospitality,
  • enjoy a delicious, show-themed dinner and
  • leave ready to return again!
best theater in South Carolina
Helpful Tips for The Group Sales Process

Plan for SUCCESS

  • Review our SHOW SCHEDULE and select potential dates. It's best to have more than one option.
  • Have in mind an estimated number of guests you anticipate with your party.
  • Consider any special needs people in your group, such as ADA seating or dietary restrictions.
  • Call our GROUP SALES department at 803.802.2300.
  • Reserve an estimated number of seats with a 25% deposit either by check or credit card. This initial reservation number has leeway to change prior to finalizing your order. However, tickets added after the initial reservation may not be seated with your party. It is extremely important to communicate any anticipated ADA seating needed at this time. As the theatre fills, those seats may not be available when you finalize your reservation.
    • Payment is due at time of reservation. Those reserving by check should either come by the box office or else call to determine the deposit amount, then include a phone number on the check. Seats will not be reserved until the check is received.
    • Deposit policy differs for PROFESSIONAL TOUR OPERATORS.
  • Request any additional rack cards or information you may need to promote the trip to your group.
  • Ask about ways you may wish to extend your stay, such as adding a NarroWay Lite show or a petting zoo experience.
  • Our group sales department will issue a contract via e-mail to be signed electronically.
  • Promote the trip to your group and encourage sign-ups. Find out if any participants have special needs of which you were unaware, such as gluten-sensitive or vegetarian meals.
  • Call group sales to finalize your reservation 30 days prior to your show date. Once finalized, tickets may not be dropped from the order. At this time, you will need to know:
    • exact number of each type of ticket needed (adult, senior, youth)
    • any vegetarian or gluten-sensitive meals needed
    • any ADA seating needed (note: ADA seating may not be available when finalizing your order if not previously requested).
  • Before embarking on your trip, communicate with your group.
    • Suggest things they may prefer to make the trip more enjoyable, such as a light jacket, sweater or ear plugs.
    • Let them know what to expect when they arrive.
    • Remind them that photos, videos and other recordings are prohibited during the show. We will have photo opportunities available at intermission and following the show.
  • Plan to arrive 45 minutes prior to your scheduled show time. Allow travel time to accommodate for busy Charlotte area traffic. Earlier arrivals may enjoy shopping at the Attic Gift Shop.
  • Enjoy your experience at the NarroWay Theatre and stop by Whoopie Pies Ice Cream for a delicious sweet treat following the show. Note: Whoopie Pies Ice Cream typically closes at 6pm on weeknights. However, if you are visiting Sunday through Friday and would like ice cream following the show, please request in advance and Whoopie Pies will be glad to open for groups of 20 or more.
  • Plan your next NarroWay visit!
A Walk Through Your Experience

What to EXPECT

  • Parking attendants direct your bus to the front door for easy drop-off. (Parking is FREE, by the way!)
  • A friendly group greeter boards your bus, welcomes your group and escorts your party to their seats.
  • Theatre doors open 30 minutes prior to show time.
  • Most guests dress in a "business casual" manner.
  • Campus shoppes are open for early arrivals. Guests may browse the Attic Gift Shop, Whoopie Pies Ice Cream or other shoppes.
  • The NarroWay Gift Shop and Concessions areas are open in the theatre lobby one hour prior to the show and at intermission.
  • Seating is in a comfortable, padded chair. An individual, round table is located at each seat for dinner.
  • Groups, veterans, birthdays and anniversaries are recognized prior to the show.
  • NarroWay's founders, writers and directors personally welcome each audience.
  • Dinner is served at your seat by the performing cast. Depending on the show, dinner will either be served at show time or within the context of the show. View the specific show page for confirmation.
  • Once dinner is complete, tables are moved into a "down" position by the servers. Tables must remain in the down position for the remainder of the show, per fire marshal mandates.
  • All phones must be silenced and put away during the show. No photos, videos or other recordings are permitted and screens disrupt the experience for other guests.
  • The show music is at theatrical levels which some may consider loud. Ear plugs are available for purchase in the gift shop.
  • Most shows include various special effects such as theatrical haze or fog and limited strobe lighting.
  • The theatre may be cooler or warmer than you anticipate. We recommend dressing comfortably and bringing a light jacket or sweater.
  • A 20-minute intermission follows ACT I.
  • Guests should remain seated while the show is in progress.
  • Show length varies, but plan on approximately 3 to 3.5 hours for your full experience. Check the appropriate show page for confirmation.
  • Photo opportunities are available at intermission and following the show.
  • Whoopie Pies Ice Cream is open following both Saturday shows and Sunday matinees. When requested in advance by groups of 20 or more it may be opened following other performance times.
Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to
Common Questions

What constitutes a "group?"
For purposes of group rate discounts, a group consists of 15 or more guests.
Can I purchase group tickets online?
No. We encourage groups to call the box office at 803.802.2300, ext. 1 to book tickets in order to ensure you receive all possible discounts.
What "perks" do we get as a group?
  • Groups receive $2 off all tickets.
  • Groups having more than 16 in the party receive 1 FREE ticket.
  • Groups are assigned a group host who escorts your party through the arrival process.
  • Groups are recognized from the stage prior to the show.
  • Groups of 20 or more are eligible to request add-ons in advance, such as private meeting space in Illuminate Studio (up-charge applies) or opening Whoopie Pies Ice Cream following a show (when not already open).

Professional motorcoach operations, contact group sales for exclusive pro perks!

When is my deposit due and is it refundable?
Deposits are due at the time of reservation. Deposits are not refundable, but they are transferable to another date.
When is final payment due?
Final payment is due 30 days prior to your selected show date.
How can I pay for my reservation?
NarroWay accepts cash, check, credit or debit cards or money orders.
Are tickets required for children?
Tickets are required for all guests, regardless of age.
What additional fees exist?
NONE! At NarroWay, we do not add hidden fees. We do accept and encourage donation tips for those inclined to do so.
Do I have to pay for my group or can they pay individually?
We do not accept multiple payments for group sales. The deposit and final payment should each be made by one group leader using one form of payment.
How will I receive my tickets?
For group sales, we do not issue tickets. A friendly group escort will greet your group upon arrival and seat you at the appropriate time and place. You will be asked to have those who prefer to sit beside each other enter the theatre together.
Can my group sit together?
We strive to sit groups together when possible. Seats are assigned at the time of reservation. Provided there is availability to do so at the time of reservation, your group will sit together.
May we bring in outside food or beverages?
No. We have concessions on site and offer gluten-sensitive and vegetarian options in addition to the standard dinner plate. We do not allow outside food or beverages.
What happens if I need to cancel?
Until the final payment is made 30 days prior to the show date, all tickets may be transferred to another show date. Within 30 days of the show date, up to 8 tickets may be transferred. No transfers may be made within 48-hours of the show date. All payments are non-refundable.
What happens if I'm late?
Either the show begins or dinner is served promptly at the scheduled show time. Parties arriving after serving may forfeit the meal. Parties arriving after the show begins will be seated discretely at the discretion of the house manager. To avoid disrupting the show in progress, late seating may not be in your originally reserved seats.
Do you recognize special celebrations?
YES! We recognize birthdays and anniversaries from the stage prior to the show. Just let us know in advance. For just $15, you can also request a special celebration frappe and song from a NarroWay soloist.
What "add-ons" are available?
Groups of 20 or more:
  • Request Whoopie Pies Ice Cream to be opened when not already scheduled. (No additional upcharge.)
  • Request private meeting space at Green Room or Illuminate Studio before or after the show. (Additional upcharge required.)
Groups of 40 or more:
  • Schedule an additional show from the NarroWay Lite series(Additional upcharge required. Subject to availability.)
  • Schedule a NarroWay petting zoo prior to or following a show. (Additional upcharge required. Subject to availability.)