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What I Have

All one-time, online contributions are currently applied to NarroWay's "What I Have" campaign. Use the form on this page to make a one-time contribution.

Give Now

"What I Have" is a focused effort to pay off NarroWay's current land debt by applying funds directly toward the principal of that debt to enable NarroWay to move forward in our mission to change entertainment and change eternity.

Please note: this form submits a single, one-time contribution. If you prefer to sign up for regular, monthly contributions, plesae use the form provided for NarroWay's "400 NAILS" program.

Why "What I Have?"

Peter and John met a cripple. “Alms? Please, just a shekel of silver or gold.” Peter replied, “Silver and gold I do not have, but WHAT I HAVE I give to you.” And the man walked!! In the same manner, we are focusing on "what we have" and asking God for a miracle.

In 2018, the property on each side of the NarroWay Theatre came up for sale. We knew that to move forward, we needed to secure that property and thus, took on a $2.5M debt to make that purchase.

NarroWay has a BIG vision. To continue that vison and move forward in our mission to change entertainment and change eternity, we must move beyond debt. We are making a focused effort to do that by applying every penny given through "What I Have" to the principal of NarroWay's current land debt.

Do you believe in the value of Christian entertainment? Can you make a monetary contribution to NarroWay's "What I Have" campaign?

Simply complete the form to make your contribution online now.

Prefer to send a check? Include "What I Have" in your memo and mail to:

NarroWay Productions
3327 Hwy. 51
Fort Mill SC 29715

Let's Reach the Goal!

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