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Ready to be a part of an organization that is changing entertainment and changing eternity? Become part of the NarroWay team! Hone your talent and perform before audiences from all over the United States as part of the cast in NarroWay's Broadway-style dinner shows.

next audition date:
September 9, 6pm

How to audition...

  • Read the information below concerning what you should know, what to expect and how to prepare.
  • Show up at the NarroWay Theatre prepared to audition on the designated date.
We're always seeking talented actors, singers and dancers to add to this amazing troupe. We conduct in-person, open auditions several times throughout the year. If you are unable to make the in-person auditions or do not see an immediate upcoming audition date listed, contact us to submit a video audition.

What you should know

Auditions are not required to participate on stage at NarroWay; however, it is preferred that all cast members audition. Auditions allow the directors the opportunity to see potential. Solos, speaking parts, dance assignments and ensemble positions are all determined by auditions.

While few people on stage will have a lead role or solo, all are vital. The highest level of commitment is expected from each cast member, regardless of position or age.

NarroWay Productions accepts cast members of all ages. Children age 12 and under, however, must have a responsible adult on stage as well. Those age 13-18 may participate without an adult on stage, provided a waiver is signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Cast members at NarroWay perform on a volunteer basis. No financial remuneration is received.

What to expect

Auditions at NarroWay are not like the popular talent shows on television. Participants do not have to fear harsh words or critical comments. Nor is there a need to fear that an audition tape will show up online for others to see. NarroWay's directors want to see you succeed. Plan to audition with a piece that best demonstrates your abilities.

On the audition date, cast managers initially meet with the entire group to provide an overview of NarroWay and the commitment involved, as well as to answer any questions concerning the audition process. Immediately following this informational session, participants audition. All live auditions are closed to the public. Dramatic and vocal auditions are conducted individually with the directors of NarroWay, while dance auditions are typically conducted as a group with NarroWay's dance instructor.

How to prepare

Vocal Auditions

Those who audition vocally should bring an accompaniment track on compact disc, usb or mobile device. Files on USB drives must be MP3 in order to be read properly. Mobile devices must have an accessible jack. Insturmental accompaniment is also welcome. Acappella auditions are acceptable, but not preferred. The directors will hear up to two minutes of the selected song. If a selection is longer than two minutes, the audition may be interrupted simply to expedite the process.

Dramatic Auditions

Those who audition dramatically should have a skit, monologue or other dramatic piece prepared that best represents your abilities. The piece should be performed from memory and not longer than two minutes.

Dance Auditions

Dance auditions are conducted as a group. Participants are rehearsed on a series of choreographed moves, then perform the choreographed series in a group audition. Dance auditions may last up to an hour.


What are the age restrictions on auditions?
People of all ages may audition for NarroWay. We use newborn babies through well-seasoned, senior adults. Children age 12 and under must have a responsible adult on stage with them. Youth age 13-17 may participate without an adult provided they have a signed parental waiver.
Will I be paid if I join the cast?
There is no financial remuneration for participation in NarroWay. Cast members do, however, receive hours of professional theatrical and vocal training. The NarroWay cast is a dedicated team of volunteers with extraordinary commitment.
Do I have to audition to be in the cast?
No. Auditions determine speaking parts, soloists and ensemble members. NarroWay shows are large-scale productions that require many people beyond designated characters. If you would like to be part of the general cast, there is no requirement to audition. You should, however, plan to come to the audition meeting to complete paperwork and get a better understanding of NarroWay. You will not need to stay to do an actual performance audition.
Can my child audition?
Yes. However, please keep in mind that Children age 12 and under must have a responsible adult on stage with them at all times. Ages 13-17 may participate without an adult, provided a parental waiver is signed.
Can my entire family participate?
Yes! We love keeping families together!
How often are rehearsals?
When preparing for a show, full cast rehearsals are generally once or twice per week for approximately 3 hours each session until tech week. During tech week, rehearsals are daily and may last longer than 3 hours. Speaking parts, soloists, dance team and other specialty parts may require additional rehearsals. Once a show opens, there are typically no more rehearsals for that show.
What time are rehearsals?
Evening rehearsals typically begin around 6pm and last until 9pm. During tech week, however, that time may run later and there will likely be rehearsal on Sunday afternoon as well.
Do I need previous training or experience to join the cast?
No previous experience is required to join the NarroWay cast.
Are there opportunities to be part of NarroWay without performing?
Yes! We need quality individuals to assist as stage managers, front of house associates, food service assistants, child care assistants and in other areas. Call 803.802.2300 to see how you might best find your place of service at NarroWay.
What other opportunities are available for learning?
NarroWay offers summer camps as well as homeschool theatre classes for children and teens. Students age 6-19 receive focused, age-appropriate instruction in these experiences. Find out more at
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